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AI powered solutions, meticulously designed to enhance lifestyle, fostering greater ease & productivity

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Planaletix for people's lives

Offering customized journey that supports Personal Growth & Wellbeing.

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"PLX Business" creating your business plan in couple of minutes, by simulating a virtual meeting with professional AI consultants (Business, Marketing & Finance) who will guide you step-by-step to create your comprehensive business plan.

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Planaletix for business solutions

Combine data & best practices to take your business to higher grounds

In 2023, we embarked on an inspiring journey to create an automated business decision platform that would revolutionize the way startups and small-scale organizations build their business plans and take their business decisions. With the expertise of human business consultants and the remarkable advancements in ML, NLP, and LLM technology, we proudly introduce PLX Business—a transformative platform poised to empower thousands of entrepreneurs, enabling them to start and grow their businesses with unparalleled efficiency. Embrace this opportunity, unleash your potential with Planaletix, and let the world witness the indomitable spirit of your entrepreneurial dreams.

Fast Deliverable, hard to compete. Reliable Decision, Easy to apply.

for entrepreneurs, startups & small businesses

Business Planning

They say, "No plan, is your plan to fail". PLX Business platform will guide you with realistic evaluation of your business concept, data driven feasibility studies, strategic plans, business plans, business modeling, and what you need to keep yourself focused on transforming your business objectives from 'nice idea' into successful running business.

for medium and large enterprises

Process Automation

We rely on iGrafx Process360 Live Platform for process mining, process modeling, and automation. Our consulting services for process optimization using Machine Learning, Data Robotics and AI solutions, will lead to lower organizational OpEx, and higher efficiency & productivity.

Data Insights

Are you struggling to find credible data for your industry to support your marketing analysis or investment decisions. We provide reliable Data Insights as a Service to support business decision making. We've built  our models to collect data from more than 3 million web source, supported by "source of truth" data.

Data Monetization

Data is the gold of this century, we dig into your data to find profitable opportunities that your organization should never miss. We build revenue generating use cases that guarantee profitable revenue streams from your owned data, build your profitable data models, and ensure your data-to-profit setup is working successfully. 

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